Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How do I receive financial assistance from NFC?

NFC works with families referred to us through the court systems in Douglas and Sarpy Counties. If you are not currently working with NFC and are looking to receive financial assistance, it is best to contact the Nebraska Family Helpline at 1-888-866-8660. You may also try 2-1-1 which provides free information for help with food, housing, employment, health care, counseling and more. You can simply dial 2-1-1 or call 402- 444-6666 for Nebraska’s 2-1-1 helpline.

If you are currently working with NFC, contact your assigned Family Permanency Specialist (FPS). These staff are trained and prepared with many local resources. Your assigned FPS will be able to direct you to additional outlets to help with financial assistance.

What is NFC and what do you do?

NFC is a public-private partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services created to improve the outcomes of children and families in the foster care system in Nebraska. We were established in 2009 through a partnership with five local organizations, including Boys Town, Heartland Family Service, OMNI Behavioral Health, Child Saving Institute and the Nebraska Family Support Network.

We provide case management for children and families in the Eastern Service Area, which comprises Douglas and Sarpy Counties. Ultimately, our goal is to help establish permanency for every child while ensuring that safety always comes first. We can’t do this alone! So our 280 staff work with more than 50 local providers to help connect children and families to services and supports they need to be successful.

Our philosophy is that people can, and often times do change. We don’t believe that the parents we work with are bad people. Rather, they may need some extra support to help them better care for their children, and we see our role as helping to connect them with those supports.

Ultimately, we want to help reunify the child and family if it’s safe and in the best interest of all involved. If reunification is no longer an option, we strive to or find a permanent family for the child—whether it be adoption or guardianship. We also offer Aftercare services to all families after their case has closed to ensure they continue to be successful in meeting the safety, health and well-being needs of their children.

Our mission is to build on child, family and community strengths so that all children and families are safe, healthy and thriving.

Where are you located?

NFC currently has staff housed at two locations. Our main office is located at 2110 Papillion Parkway, Omaha, NE 68164. This is located just north of Blondo Street between 111th get further directions. and 117th Streets. Visit our Contact page to view a Google map and get further directions.

How do I file a complaint?

While all NFC staff members work hard to avoid conflict and offense when supporting children and families, there are times when children or families may have complaints about the support they receive. NFC requests that you first discuss your complaint with the NFC staff member who offended you and/or his supervisor. If you still feel your complaint has not been resolved after taking that step, you may file an official grievance with NFC. 

Anyone can file a grievance, including youth, family members, NFC network providers or any other stakeholder. Click the links below to access the grievance form. You may also contact NFC at (402) 492-4288 to file a grievance over the phone or you may email your grievance directly to NFC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Online Grievance Form » 
Mail-in Grievance Form »
La Forma de Queja »

For more information, visit NFC's Families page.

How do I get a new caseworker?

All NFC staff work hard to best serve the children and families assigned to them. If concerns arise with your assigned worker, first address your worker and/or his supervisor to see if those concerns can be resolved. If you still feel your complaint has not been resolved, you may file a grievance with NFC. Appropriate NFC staff will work with you to explore all options in order to resolve the issue at hand.

How do I apply to work at NFC?

Nebraska Families Collaborative is always looking for dedicated, driven professionals who have the heart and desire to help children and families. Current openings at NFC can be found on our careers page. There you can learn more about each open position; and, if you meet the qualifications, you can apply directly online. All applications are done through the NFC website. You may contact NFC at 402-492- 2500 with any specific questions and you will be routed to the appropriate hiring staff to answer questions.

Does NFC hire part-time employees and/or have internship opportunities?

Yes! NFC occasionally has open part-time and paid internship opportunities. These will be distinguished in the position description on the NFC website. Please visit NFC Careers to see if any part-time and/or paid internship positions are currently available.

I cannot get ahold of my caseworker. What do I do?

The supervisor’s number can be found in several ways: (1) on your caseworker’s voicemail recording, (2) by calling the main office at 402-492-2500, or (3) viewing our phone directory (the directory of all Family Permenancy staff with phone numbers is updated regularly).

If you’ve taken these measures but are still unable to reach your caseworker, pleae contact the main NFC phone number at 402-492-2500. The receptionists will do their best to assist you in contacting your caseworker and/or his/her supervisor.

If it seems that your caseworker consistently is not responding to you within 1 business day, you can file a complaint following the NFC Grievance procedure above.

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