Become an Adoptive Parent

Adopting a child is a uniquely beautiful and powerfully emotional journey. One of the hard realities of life is that despite the best intentions and greatest efforts of families and communities, sometimes a child and his or her birth family cannot stay together. Yet, loving, compassionate individuals discover space in their hearts and homes for children in need of a forever family. If you are interested in beginning the journey of adoption, reach out to the Nebraska Heart Gallery or contact us at 402.492.2500.

Steps in Becoming a Licensed Foster/Adoptive Home

  1. Select a foster care agency and contact them to begin the application process.
  2. Fill out an application to become a licensed foster parent.
  3. Once approved, begin training. Foster care training is generally a 7-12 week process which requires a minimum of three hours per week commitment. Training is completed in a group setting.
  4. Complete background checks. All people living in your home (aged 13+) will be required to have a background check, which includes a criminal history check, sex offender registry check, DMV check, and Child Protective Services check.
  5. Complete a home study. This may begin during training or once training is completed and will include approximately two visits to the home totaling six hours.
  6. Become licensed to accept placements! The entire process can take anywhere from 4-6 months from the day you select an agency to the day a child is placed in your home. This varies based upon the age range of children you have the interest and ability to care for.

Basic Minimum Requirements

  • Must be at least 21 years or older (varies by agency).
  • No person in the home has a Category A or Category B Felony; no person is on the Adult Protective Services or Child Protective Services Central Registry; and no person in the home is a registered sex offender.
  • If married, both persons must become licensed regardless of separation status.

Life is Full of Firsts

No matter your age, there are always firsts to celebrate. When you become an adoptive parent you open the door to many wonderful firsts for you and your children. There are currently nearly 250 children in foster care in the greater Omaha area looking for their forever home. What firsts can you help them celebrate?


Visit the Nebraska Heart Gallery to see children awaiting adoption today!


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Are You a Potential Foster Parent?

Loving, patient and caring foster families play an essential role in ensuring the healthy development, safety and well-being of children and are critical in our goal of strengthening families and reuniting children with their birth families whenever possible.

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Are You Considering Foster Adoption?

Adopting a child is a uniquely beautiful and powerfully emotional journey. Loving, compassionate individuals discover space in their hearts for children in need of a forever family. Our resources will help you get started on the road to adopting a child.

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