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NFC launched Duffels 4 Dignity in July 2013 in response to staff expressing concern about the manner in which children and youth were transporting their personal belongings—in trash bags. Trash bags are for trash not for children’s belongings. We are fighting to make this issue aware to not only our staff but also the general public. All children deserve the respect and dignity to proudly carry his or her personal belongings in a new duffel bag.

Ways to Help

  • Make an online donation
  • Mail in or drop off cash or check donations to our main location
  • Host an event at your home and donate proceeds to Duffels 4 Dignity
  • Share the word by telling friends and family about this unique program that helps local foster youth
  • Advocate for foster youth
  Helps 1 child with a duffel bag
$50   Helps 5 infants with care packs
$100    Helps 4 siblings with their very own duffel bags

You can make an online donation below. Cash or check donations can be addressed and mailed to or dropped off at the main NFC office location:

Nebraska Families Collaborative
Attn: Development Department
2110 Papillion Parkway
Omaha, NE 68164

Questions? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at 402-492-2500.

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Real Stories 

Making Transition Easier

When we went into the bedroom to have our individual talks, the kids opened up the actual duffel bags that they got. The boy was SO excited. He ripped open the package and wanted to put stuff in it right away.

His sister was very happy to have hers as well and was excited that it was blue because that was her favorite color. 

Later during the family team meeting, the kids were being taken downstairs in order to not be present for some of the more difficult topics of conversation. The boy INSISTED that he get to take his bag with him.

When the visit was over, the boy took his grandpa outside, asked to put his bag in the trunk of the car and then asked to go swimming. He didn't have anything in the bag, but wanted to make sure that he got to take it with him.


Employee Hosts BBQ Party to Raise Donations for Duffels 4 Dignity Program

After going on a camping vacation, Jessica, a caseworker at NFC, came home with lots of extra hot dogs, hamburgers, buns and quite a few beverages. To solve her dilemma of what to do with all the leftovers, Jessica decided to have people over to help get rid of everything without it going to waste.

Her friend Tessa, a former DHHS Juvenile Services Officer, had heard about NFC's Duffels 4 Dignity program and wanted to make this part of the get together.

After personally witnessing youth carrying their belongings in trash bags, Tessa and Jessica decided to transform the backyard BBQ into a mini duffel bag drive. Guests were asked to consider donating to NFC's Duffels 4 Dignity program during their get together. Thanks to the thoughtfulness and compassion of these two women, six brand new duffel bags were donated and $100 cash was collected.

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Teenage Youth Finds Hope with New Duffel Bag

When a teenage girl arrived at NFC's office, she carried a black plastic garbage bag filled with her clothes. She said it was the only thing she could find to hold her belongings when she had to be removed from her home to enter foster care. 

It was easy to see she had been hanging onto the bag for a long time. The plastic was worn and thin, stretched almost to its breaking point. 

When an NFC staff member asked the girl if she would like a duffel bag for her clothes, a smile came across her face that lit up the room. A few minutes later, the girl had transferred her clothes from the garbage bag to her new bag. Then, the old plastic bag was unceremoniously placed in a nearby trash can, where it belonged.


Foster Youth Goes to College with Dignity

The senior year of high school is typically an exciting time in a teen’s life. For one young man that wasn't the case.

At 18-years-old he was removed from his family and sent to live at Boys Town. There he attended high school where he excelled. By the end of the year, he had earned an outstanding GPA, was inducted into the National Honor Society, and graduated with honors! 

His academic career didn't end there. Having been accepted to every college he applied to and was accepted into a local private college. The school had offered him a substantial academic and football scholarship, which fully paid for his college tuition and room and board.

Although grateful for this remarkable opportunity, he didn't have the financial resources to cover any other basic college-related expenses most freshmen encounter. 

In August, this talented, intelligent, and goal-oriented young man planned to head off to college carrying all his personal belongings in nothing more than garbage bags.

An NFC caseworker learned about the young man’s situation and knew we could help him through our Duffels 4 Dignity program. The D4D program provided the youth with two large duffel bags to fit all his football and personal belongings so that he arrived on the first day of his freshman year holding his head high.

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Bags Helped Preschooler His First Night Away From Home

A 4-year old boy received a comfort bag and a duffel bag the first night he had to leave his home. He was so excited about everything that he got out all of the stuff from the comfort bag and wanted to plug in the nightlight right away. He told the caseworker he was going to put his cars in the duffel bag.

As the caseworker was getting ready to leave the foster home, the little boy did a big sweeping gesture to everything he had pulled out of the comfort and duffel bags and said 'Thank you for all this!'

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The Numbers


  • 2013: 502 bags donated
  • 2014: 992 bags donated
  • 2015: 1,449 bags donated
  • 2016: 541 bags donated

Total Bags Donated = 3,484!

Distributed Bags

  • 2013: 171 bags distributed 
  • 2014: 759 bags distributed
  • 2015: 1,102 bags distributed
  • 2016: 1,354 bags distributed

Total Bags Distributed = 3,386!

Foster Youth Helped

  • 2013: 81 foster youth helped
  • 2014: 558 foster youth helped
  • 2015: 775 foster youth helped
  • 2016: 672 foster youth helped

Total Youth Helped = 2,086!

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