Our Culture

Nebraska Families Collaborative is a progressive organization that embraces a solution-focused environment.

Our culture is one of innovation and collaboration. With a strong focus on community, we build strengths and work together to achieve our goals. When joining the NFC team, you can look forward to making a positive impact on your surrounding community.

NFC employees are committed to our mission of building on child, family and community strengths so that all children and families are safe, healthy and thriving. We are devoted to helping families be families.

We invest in our employees by offering trainings and opportunities for professional development. We also encourage and support everyone to set and work towards personal career goals.

We promote involvement...

At Nebraska Families Collaborative our employees take part in change and get involved beyond their normal work duties.

Employee Committees and Work Groups

  • EPIC
  • Wellness
  • COA 
  • Staff Management
  • Risk Management
  • Operations Management 
  • Quality Management
  • Utilization & Network Management
  • Safety 

Two of our committees are highlighted below.

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Employee Planning and Investment Committee (EPIC)

EPIC was established to assure NFC provides opportunities for employee engagement. EPIC strives to increase employee involvement through a variety of efforts while promoting our Mission, Vision and Values. EPIC works to enhance communication and involvement at all levels! Members of EPIC help to organize, plan and/or implement a variety of employee activities (i.e. Food Trucks, Thank a Worker Day, NFC Blood Drive, NFC Employee Picnic, Holiday Events, and/or Fundraisers). We are not afraid of having fun!

Wellness Committee

The purpose of the Wellness Committee is to promote a health-conscious environment for NFC staff by coordinating events and activities focused around mental, physical and spiritual health and well-being while adhering to and carrying out the NFC Mission and Vision. The Wellness Committee provides staff with information on healthy tips and guidelines within and outside of the workplace setting. They create, plan and execute health-conscious activities and events (i.e. lunch and learns, “Get Healthy” challenges and bringing in speakers).

We value feedback...

At NFC, we care about our employees and know how important it is to keep open communication.

Every year we conduct a survey allowing employees the opportunity to have their voice heard. We then create a plan of action based on the feedback.

When you join NFC you get to be a part of an organization that listens to employees.

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Are You a Potential Foster Parent?

Loving, patient and caring foster families play an essential role in ensuring the healthy development, safety and well-being of children and are critical in our goal of strengthening families and reuniting children with their birth families whenever possible.

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Are You Considering Foster Adoption?

Adopting a child is a uniquely beautiful and powerfully emotional journey. Loving, compassionate individuals discover space in their hearts for children in need of a forever family. Our resources will help you get started on the road to adopting a child.

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Help Support Our Mission, Donate Today!

Your donation to NFC will directly help children and families in the Omaha community. Consider making a donation and help support those in need. All donations make a difference – every little bit counts! And, there is more than one way to donate!

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