Employee Stories

See how the experience of working at Nebraska Families Collaborative has been for a few of our team members highlighted below.



Judith Gutierrez
Coordinador de Enlace Cultural

"Estoy muy argullosa trabajar por Familias Colaborativo de Nebraska. (NFC)  Los trabajadores de NFC están aquí en esta carrera porque desean ayudar niños y familias.  Trabajamos juntos entre la organización asegurar que todos somos tratado y tratando cada uno con dignidad y respeto.  Haciendo esto por nosotros mismos, podemos también servir nuestros familias con la misma respeto.  Queremos asegurar que los padres tienen voz en decisiones sobre sus hijos y trabajamos juntos apoyar los valores, cultura y la idioma de todos. Por estos razones me gusta trabajar aquí y si usted tienes el pasión por el bienestar y seguridad de familias, pienso que usted también le gustaría trabajar con nosotros."


Rachelle Barcel
Family Finding Specialist, previous Kinship Care Specialist and Family Permanency Specialist

“NFC is a great place to work as everyone is very team oriented and supportive. There are very knowledgeable people working for NFC who are able to give great advice and motivate others to excel in their profession. NFC is very passionate about children and families and supporting their staff."


Laura Bartlett
Continuous Quality Improvement Specialist, previous Training Specialist

 "NFC is a wonderful agency! Every day I am able to work with people who not only care about children and families; but also strive to find new and innovative ways to promote our mission."


Melissa Misegadis
Family Permanency Specialist Supervisor, previous Family Permanency Specialist

 “NFC truly is my second family. NFC has provided me with the guidance and support to be the best person and employee I can be and has given me the tools necessary to make positive, lasting changes for children and families.”


Stephanie Clark
Permanency & Family Finding Supervisor

 “NFC is an amazing place to work where every day you see collaboration, team work and a focus on helping children and families in our community.”

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Are You a Potential Foster Parent?

Loving, patient and caring foster families play an essential role in ensuring the healthy development, safety and well-being of children and are critical in our goal of strengthening families and reuniting children with their birth families whenever possible.

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Are You Considering Foster Adoption?

Adopting a child is a uniquely beautiful and powerfully emotional journey. Loving, compassionate individuals discover space in their hearts for children in need of a forever family. Our resources will help you get started on the road to adopting a child.

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