What We Do

At Nebraska Families Collaborative (NFC), we strive to create an effective, community-based system of care for at-risk kids and parents in eastern Nebraska. Our network is here to help preserve Nebraska families whenever possible, while ensuring the safety of those who can’t look out for themselves. 

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Our services to children and families include:

  • Foster, Kinship and Group Home Care
  • Adoption and Guardianship Placement and Training
  • In-home Treatment
  • Respite Care
  • Visitation Supervision
  • Family Preservation
  • Parent and Peer Mentoring
  • Aftercare
  • Tracking and Electronic Monitoring
  • Family Support

Wrap-Around Approach

Child welfare interventions can be traumatic. When it is necessary, we wrap our services around the children in a supportive embrace. This Wrap-Around Model guides our system and consists of ten principles that, when practiced diligently, result in services that are wrapped around children and their families in their natural environments. We seek family reunification whenever possible.

  • Voice and Choice - Families and youth drive decision-making in case planning and service delivery. Families are partners in the process of reunification.
  • Team-Based Approach - Children are cared for by a team composed of their family members, community partners and professionals. Treatment options are reviewed together as a team.
  • Natural Supports - The team caring for children in foster care includes people outside of the formal child welfare system such as teachers, friends, neighbors and extended family members. 
  • Collaboration - Professionals and family members work together to reunite children with their families, respecting each others’ views and listening to each others’ opinions.
  • Community-Based Setting - Whenever possible, services are provided to children in their neighborhoods so that children stay close to their homes, extended families, neighbors and what is familiar to them.
  • Culturally Competent - The wrap-around process demonstrates respect for and builds on the values, preferences, beliefs, culture and identity of the child and family.
  • Individualized Support - Families receive individualized services that focus on specific skill assessment, corresponding intervention and progress evaluation. 
  • Strengths-Based Perspective - Family plans and services are provided from a strengths-based perspective that meets needs rather than solves problems. If a plan fails, then a new plan is created and families remain in the reunification process.
  • Persistence - Despite challenges, setbacks and discouragements, teams persist in achieving family goals.
  • Outcomes - An outcome-oriented approach makes measurement and evaluation possible and progress identifiable. 

Nebraska Families Collaborative believes that engaging parents early in the child welfare process and treating them with respect is the best way to move children toward safety, permanency and well-being.

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Are You a Potential Foster Parent?

Loving, patient and caring foster families play an essential role in ensuring the healthy development, safety and well-being of children and are critical in our goal of strengthening families and reuniting children with their birth families whenever possible.

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Are You Considering Foster Adoption?

Adopting a child is a uniquely beautiful and powerfully emotional journey. Loving, compassionate individuals discover space in their hearts for children in need of a forever family. Our resources will help you get started on the road to adopting a child.

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Your donation to NFC will directly help children and families in the Omaha community. Consider making a donation and help support those in need. All donations make a difference – every little bit counts! And, there is more than one way to donate!

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